Blister Cinema #1 – one down two to go

Just some quick information on the successful Blister Cinema #1. We’ll tell you what we learnt in the next post when we’ve looked at all the footage. For now here is a link to the photo set on Flickr.



Blister Cinema was an interactive game room as part of GEEK 2015 in Margate. We set up several interactive pieces on the theme of inflammation and watched the public interact. Almost 500 people played over the three days of the festival. We gathered footage from the event using a range of cameras including a new 360 degree PIXPRO and explored projecting into domes and Randomes. The footage will go towards making a short film about interaction and inflammation commissioned by the Wellcome Trust and supported by Animate Projects. There will be two more Blister Cinemas one in Cardiff and then back to Margate for the final one.

“The body vs bacteria in a deadly microbial battle.”

Thanks to Olly Lazarus for use of the Panay Fashions building, Stephan Costenslayer for helping and Kate Kneale for her GEEK support.

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